A Joy Ride

It is the first day of a brand new year: 2017. It is also the first day of She Delights, a passion project of mine to honestly share with you when, where, how I find (or struggle to find) joy, happiness, gladness, delight in real life.

Do you remember when you got your first car? For me, starting She Delights sort of has that new car smell full of bright possibilities and the promise of exciting adventures. Yet as I put this project into drive, I am a little terrified because I don't quite know how to maneuver it. I'm still learning the feel of when to hit the gas and how to tap the brake without coming to a complete stand still. Acutely aware of all potential accidents and bumps in the road, I am white-knuckling every word that I type scared if I slip from that 10 and 2 position I am going to crash and burn. However, I know it’s going to take practice, hours and hours of behind-the-wheel practice, full of prayer and conversations with Jesus. So for those who want to come along for the ride--WARNING: it may be bumpy--I sure am delighted to have company.


First day. First blog. Where did I find joy today?

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”-- 1 Thessalonians 5:18

My husband, Brian, is the high school and young adults pastor at our church, but today he had the opportunity to speak in "big church" on the main stage and preach a sermon for the whole congregation. Now, I have watched my husband preach a sermon probably a bazillion times in the going on 7 years we have been together, but can I tell you something? I never get tired of it. It is like watching Meryl Streep in any movie she has ever done. When you watch her, you know she is doing exactly what she was meant to be doing: making you cry from her sheer talent. I kid you not my husband is the Meryl Streep of preaching.


I can't help but beam with pride, because he is doing exactly what the Lord has designed him to do. He preaches and leads with humility and boldness, passion and compassion, intelligence and humor. He knows God has called him to ministry for life and he chases after that calling with intense fervor and obedience. He inspires me to do the same in my own walk with the Lord, as I struggle to discover what God’s will and purpose is for my life.

For me, it doesn’t seem so crystal clear. There isn’t a Meryl Streep halo shining around me in a particular way on a certain day when I am doing a certain thing. Or… at least I haven’t felt it yet. But I trust Him and I know He has a plan for my life. His plan far surpasses anything I could hope for or imagine, and in that trust I feel a freedom. A freedom like that of your first new car. While I don't know exactly where this new experience and car is heading, I trust in its Creator and know it will be one heck of a joy ride :)


Danielle Howard