Can You Say Grandparents

"You might have a mom[& dad], [they]might be the bomb, but ain’t nobody got a mom [& dad] like mine"--Megan Trainor

The day after I told my husband about baby, it was also serendipitously my parents’ 27th wedding anniversary. We were already planning on taking them out to dinner that night, so we went over a little early before heading out for the night. On our way out the door, I asked my husband to take “a picture” of me and my parents for an anniversary IG post. Having already hit record, I was positioning myself next to mom and dad when mom asked, “You don't want Brian in the picture?”


With too much excitement and not wanting to ruin the plan, you can hear me “lovingly,” if by lovingly you really mean brattily,  say, “Just let Brian take this one and then he can be in the next one”



Well here is the video, so you can see and hear for yourself. I recommend moderate sound levels  to protect your eardrums.




Mom’s reaction is priceless as she begins to say “grand-parents,” realizes what we are saying, hears Brian say “October” and then proceeds to scream with such sheer joy and excitement the entire camera shakes for the remainder of the video. This is my mom. Always.



Whether my sister and I came home from school to tell her we received an A on a report card or we were cast as Tree 1 and Tree 2 in the school play, mom always reacted with genuine delight. This is not something she puts on for show, it is a direct result of the joy she has for others manifesting itself in jumping, squealing, hugging. Her enthusiasm knows no bounds and it was the greatest gift to grow up with her as my cheerleader, support, and mom. She made it so easy to tell her things, because I knew she would get excited with me. No matter how small or silly I thought it might be, mom always celebrated with me and made me feel like what I cared about mattered. I know her energetic love is only going to grow as she takes on this new role as grandma.



Dad’s reaction was so beautiful too, but it was even more amazing in person. We caught a glimpse of each other as soon as Brian said “October” and the pride and joy welling up in his eyes is a moment I won’t forget. Dad and I have always been pretty similar. More introverted, but around our close friends extroverted, a movie and popcorn is our cup of tea, and surprises are our middle name. My dad is the most generous and selfless human being on the planet. No matter if our family had a lot or little, he never took anything for himself, but worked hard every day for our college tuition, for the pizza fund when we had our friends over on Friday nights, for the plane flights to Uganda for my sister and mom. When Paul commands the Philippians, “look not to your own interest but to the interests of others” he describes my dad to a tee.



My sister and I were blessed with not one but two amazing parents, who loved Christ with their whole hearts and from that love, loved each other and loved us, and I know that love will grow and overflow even more as they become grandparents.



Baby Howard can't wait to meet you!